icom ic-705 Mod

After reviewing all YouTube videos and instructions on the expanded TX mod for the IC-705 I could not find an image of the US version diode matrix. The attached image is a US version matrix that looks different from the EU matrix.

will assume you have viewed those videos on how to take apart the 705 to get to this matrix. The instructions were universal in the removal of two diodes. The diode that is in the lowest row to the left and the diode in the middle row second from the right (note white marking). The middle row diode opens up 60 meter (5 Mhz) TX functions.

Since the US version already has this 60m TX function I decided the only diode I needed to remove was the diode in the lower left of the image. That worked as hoped. After assembling the 705 it will transmit of the following frequencies:

1.6 – 36 Mhz
50 – 54 Mhz
135 – 151 Mhz Range for 10 watts.
428 – 452 Mhz Range for 10 watts.

This diode removal does not require resetting the radio and all memories are retained.

I am glad it was only one diode that needed to be removed.
This matrix is very very small. It took me three tries with the soldering iron to lift up one edge then the diode disintegrated.

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